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Bluepha® PHA is a family of natural occurring biopolymers

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○ 100% Bio-based source.

○ The only naturally occurring polyester available for mass production.


○ The most promising solution to Plastic Reduce.

○ Applicable to all conventional plastic processings.


○  100% Biodegradale in all environment.

Excellent biodegradation & aging property

▼ Biodegradation in Seawater

Aging test under 85/85 test

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Bluepha® PHA consists of two series of PHBH products

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Excellent product performance

Ensures a wide range of downstream applications

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Product applications & solutions

Bluepha® PHA , with its excellent material properties , can meet the needs of a wide range of downstream applications.

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For more applications of Bluepha® PHA , please stay tuned.

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A Phabulous Blend with Nature, please


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