What is Bluepha®?

Bluepha® is our brand of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs).

Bluepha® is a 100% bio-based, marine degradable biopolymer

produced via fermentation processes rather than petrochemical processes.

Bluepha® is an eco-respectful material that provides a solution

to address the plastic waste issue and facilitates carbon neutrality across various industries.

for the Blue Planet

Unique Advantages

Remarkable Biodegradability & Compostability

Superior Vapor and Oxygen Barrier Properties

Heat Resistance

Hydrolysis Stability

Made with BioBased Feedstock

Produced via a Green Process

Food Contact Accepted by the FDA


Production Site

Our first commercial production site will be up and running by the end of 2022,

and our continued expansion plans are in place.

Our production site is located in Yancheng city,

covering the main value chain of polymer downstream industry within a 500 km radius.

We will keep expanding our production capacity by using renewable feedstock and energy

to meet the needs brought by the global sustainable lifestyle trend.


An Alternative to Conventional Plastics

We now provides Bluepha® products in form of powder and pellet.

In order to facilitate market adoption, we also developed processing guides for downstream customers,

such as molding guide files including film blowing, sheet extrusion, injection, etc.


  The capability of delivering the right performance makes

Bluepha® the preferred option in wide market applications.


Versatile Properties for Multi-Markets


Bluepha®️ BP350 and BP330 are mid-chain-length branched semi-crystalline PHAs that deliver versatile properties, including hydrolysis stability, heat distortion temperature, and vapor / oxygen barrier. They provide the perfect balance of function and sustainability - allowing you to explore new possibilities for a better tomorrow. Whether it's used for packaging, cutlery, textile or coating, Bluepha® keeps you at the forefront of modern life.

Excellent Biodegradability in Various Environments

As a natural biopolymer, Bluepha®️ PHA is biodegradable in various environments,

meanwhile it is stable under everyday usage conditions.


Expanding Certifications & Registrations

Our certifications will be all-round completed soon,

and they will assist in accelerating market adoption of your products.



The lifecycle of Bluepha® aligns with the circular economy principle


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