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Bluepha™ has Passed the Tests for PHA Food Contact Materials as Listed in the European Regulation

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Bluepha* has met the testing requirements for PHBHHx (a kind of medium-chain-length PHA) materials in the positive list of regulations of the European Council of the European Union on Contact Materials and Articles for Food ((EU) No.10/2011 and its amendments).

*Bluepha™ is a registered trademark of Bluepha's PHA product line.

From February 15, 2022, Bluepha can be used for all types of food packaging as well as a wide range of disposable cutlery, straws, cups and other products in all regions in the European Union.

In the future, as the only Chinese company in the PHA field that has passed the EU food contact material test so far, Bluepha will accelerate its business expansion globally, and cooperate with more international brand owners to provide clean, low-carbon and eco-friendly green materials to consumers worldwide.

About European Union:

The European Union「EU」is currently the largest international organization for regional economic cooperation in Europe. European Parliament is the directly erected legislative body of the European Union, which constitutes the bicameral system together with the Council of the EU;Council of the European Union is the legislative body that is made up of the leaders of the EU member states and defines the general political directions. The legislative procedure is launched when the European Commission submits a legislative proposal to the Council and the European Parliament. After consultation with the European Parliament and decision of the EU Council, the proposal is adopted.


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