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Bluepha and Chori Establishing a Strategic Partnership to Develop the Japanese Market

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Bluepha, a cutting-edge biotech company in China, announced a strategic cooperation with Chori, a leading trading company in Japan. Bluepha and Chori will jointly explore and develop the Japanese market. Given the shift of the market interest in sustainability, they will work together to provide end-users with bio-based material solutions to meet the market needs.

Bluepha is a Chinese pioneer manufacturer in developing bio-based material polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). Since 2016, the company has achieved the production process of its product -- Bluepha®, making itself one of the cutting-edge biotech companies with the industrialization capability from lab to fab in the world. Its biorefinery with 25,000 tons/year of PHA capacity will start operation by the end of 2022 in Binhai, Jiangsu Province, with a planned next phase capacity of 50,000 tons/year.

Chori started as a raw silk wholesaler in 1861 and has specialized in the fibers, textiles and garments, chemicals, and machinery businesses for over 160 years. Headquartered in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and with offices in many countries around the world, Chori will continue to accelerate its global growth to meet the needs of its customers.

Chori has a long history of ties with China. As early as 1961, Chori has become one of the first Sino-Japanese friendship trading companies. Since the trading scale between China and Japan expanded, the number of Chinese and Japanese language learners has grown. As a pioneer of Sino-Japanese trade, Chori was authorized as a classic example in China's national Japanese language textbooks.

In 2021, Japan's Ministry of Environment announced the "Roadmap for the Introduction of Bioplastics", which plans to introduce 2 million tons of bio-based plastics by 2030 and reduce 2.09 million tons of non-energy CO2 emissions by introducing bio-based plastics. Chori values the biodegradability of Bluepha® materials, especially its marine degradability. Chori also has a positive business prospect for Bluepha® promotion in Japan.

As one of the leading trading companies in Japan, Chori has accumulated rich industrial resources. The cooperation is expected to achieve great value by combining the advantages of Bluepha products and Chori's in-depth understanding of the local market, accelerating the adoption of Bluepha® in Japan. Based on a mutually beneficial partnership, the two parties will bring clean, high-quality, and eco-friendly bio-based material solutions for industrial partners and consumers.

About Chori
Chori is a specialized trading company engaged in the fibers, textiles and garments, chemicals, and machinery businesses. Throughout its over 160 years in business, Chori has expanded its operations beyond trading and delivered high-value-added products while constantly addressing the needs of customers and society. Moreover, throughout our history, we have expanded our business by building a wide global network centered on China and the ASEAN region.

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