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Bluepha® PHA obtained the full series of authoritative international third-party TÜV-OK biodegradabl

In April 2023, Bluepha® achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining a complete series of TÜV-OK biodegradable and compostable certifications for its resin grades, BP330 and BP350. These prestigious certifications include OK MARINE, OK SOIL, OK HOME, and OK INDUSTRIAL, covering various degradation scenarios. Before that, Bluepha® had already received the OK WATER certification in September 2022, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability. Notably, Bluepha® surpassed all specified testing requirements with exceptional results achieved in significantly shorter durations than mandated by the testing authority.

Securing this comprehensive range of certifications from TÜV Austria Group, known for their stringent standards, signifies the highest international recognition for Bluepha® PHA as a degradable and compostable material. This achievement not only ensures that Bluepha® meets the material performance expectations of multiple industries but also provides a strong guarantee for the biodegradability and compostablility of the final products. This versatility enables Bluepha® to cater to the high environmental protection requirements of sectors such as food catering, agriculture, and express delivery. The attainment of these certifications is a testament to Bluepha's unwavering dedication to consolidating product quality and driving innovation over the past six years.

Henceforth, Bluepha® has become the first PHA product in China and one of the very few globally that had obtained the TÜV-OK certification for a full range of biodegradable and compostable materials. Currently, the certification layout for the Bluepha® product series in various countries and regions have been fully underway. This includes certifications such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) in the United States, "Biodegradable Biomass Plastics" certification in Japan, and "Biodegradable Plastics" certification in China. With this comprehensive certification layout, Bluepha® will be highly capable of empowering downstream customers, expanding business opportunities, and providing sustainable and eco-friendly options to end-consumers. By driving the worldwide adoption of degradable materials, Bluepha® actively contributes to the pursuit of global carbon neutrality goal.

Moving forward, Bluepha® will continue its strong commitment to technological innovation, product application research, and development. By delivering high-quality, reliable, and environmental friendly material solutions, the company aspires to create a sustainable and prosperous future for the whole world.

About TÜV Group Austria

TÜV Group Austria was founded in 1872. It is a member of the Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV), as well as the international testing, inspection and certification (TIC) council. As a leading international, independent, and impartial third-party service organization in the fields of safety, quality, environment, resources, etc., TÜV offers numerous qualifications such as recognition, announcement, and authorization, providing customized services for various industries, including testing, inspection, certification, auditing, calibration, training, and factory consulting.


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