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Synbio OS - Shaping a Future of "Industry 4.0 x Biotechnology"

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

In October 2021, Tesla unveiled its latest crash safety technology. With this technology, Tesla cars are able to determine the type of collision and have the airbag react accordingly, within 0.01 seconds. Using real-world data collected from millions of vehicles equipped with autopilot sensors, Tesla’s engineers are able to design and build vehicles with higher safety standard by simulating crashes on computers along, incorporating a variety of complex driving conditions without real car crash tests.

Bluepha shares the same vision: we will be able to design and engineer microbes on computers, with simulation that consistently approximate real fermentation production. The R&D platform carrying the vision of "Industry 4.0 x Biotechnology" has recently been upgraded to Synbio OS(Synthetic Biology Operating System). Expanding from labs to factories, Synbio OS connects more valuable data and applications together.

With Synbio OS, Bluepha will be able to deposit a large amount of process data and engineering experience accumulated during the R&D and production processes, and reuse in the subsequent development and implementation of new products, thereby creating a “flywheel effect”. We expect to reduce the development cycle of Bluepha's individual product pipeline by 70% from current ones. Withe Synbio OS, Bluepha will continue to drive the development and implementation of new product pipelines and empower our partners in the synthetic biology value chain.

Synbio OS has already completed the deployment of three modules: BlueArk (Flexible automated experiment platform), AutoFarm (Ultra-high-throughput fermentation platform) and CyberFarm (Smart cloud data system), covering three of the four major stages of synthetic biology: Design-Build-Test-Ferment.

Among three modules, the implementation of BlueArk can significantly reduce the time and labor costs during the experiment, as shown in the video. Bluepha uses 100% self-developed industrial software to facilitate the design and multi-tasking of experimental processes, improve the collaboration between equipment and data collection. This lays the automation foundation for the development of various functional modules of Synbio OS in the future.

BlueArk is just the first step. Watch this space for further!


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