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Bluepha has been Selected to Participate in the Global Accelerator "X-HUB Tokyo"

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Bluepha has been selected out of hundreds of startups to participate in the global accelerator "X-HUB Tokyo" sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support our business expansion in Japan. This project provides opportunities for 30 shortlisted global startups to enter Tokyo, including 9 companies in Mobility, 13 companies in CleanTech and 8 companies in FinTech.

March 2nd, 2022, Mr BAI Yuanbin, co-founder and vice president of Bluepha participated in the X-HUB pitch event. He said, "Bluepha is a cutting-edge biotech startup from China. we focus on exploring innovative eco-friendly solutions by developing and integrating the most advanced technologies accross synthetic biology, fermentation engineering, material science, big data and clean energy industry. We are privileged to be selected into X-HUB Tokyo Inbound Program and expect to establish strong presence in CleanTech business in Japan and build strategic partnership with local industry members with the resources supported by this program. "

X-HUB TOKYO is a platform that connects Tokyo with the global innovation ecosystem and accerlerates the startups that will open up a new era.


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