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Sustainability and
Social Responsibility

Bluepha innovates products that embrace future lifestyles through synthetic biology, and demonstrates a solid commitment to delivering sustainable development solutions for global industrial partners. 

Bluepha Unveils Its Inaugural ESG Report: A Milestone in Sustainability Reporting

June 30, 2023 marked a significant moment for Bluepha, our company, as it introduced its inaugural English Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report to the public. The report combines our achievements and progresses to Governance, Products & Technology, Employee Development, Care for the Environment, and  Contributions to the Community, which will promote our future sustainable development.

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Bluepha Stands Out as One of the First Synthetic Biology Enterprises to Put in Place ESG Principles

ESG Development in Bluepha



Formation of Bluepha's inaugural ESG sustainability team

  • Sharing of ESG-related information, including policies and enterprise ESG practices



Establishment of Bluepha ESG Committee

  • Approval of the ESG constitution through voting

  • Successful election of the first executive team


Successful election of the first executive team

  • Approval of ESG strategy through voting

  • Approval of 2022 annual ESG material topics through voting


Became a member of the United Nations Global Compact

  • Bluepha's participation as the first PHA producer in the United Nations Global Compact



Release of Bluepha's Mandarin Chinese inaugural annual ESG report


Release of Bluepha's English inaugural annual ESG report

Bluepha ESG Material Topics



We keep improving the employee training system to promote employees' career growth.

  • Designed and constructed green factories

  • Released the guidelines for green procurement

  • Working on product life cycle assessment

  • ​……


Bluepha’s first biorefinery, BioFAB1, uses renewable energy and energy-saving equipment, significantly reducing operation carbon emissions.


  • Push for the successful clearance of food contact material tests as well as biodegradability and compostability certifications in different regions

  • Facilitate career progression opportunities for employees

  • Launched the "Nature Matters" industry platform with industry partners

  • ​……



  • Adhere to a diverse and inclusive corporate culture

  • Establishment of a risk management system

  • Establishment of an intellectual property management system

  • ​……


ESG Report Download

We greatly appreciate your interest in Bluepha's ESG performance.

To access Bluepha's 2022 Annual ESG Report, please kindly complete the following form to download.

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