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What is Bluepha®?

Bluepha®, as our brand of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), is a 100% bio-based, marine degradable

biopolymer produced via a fermentation process instead of a petrochemical process. 

Bluepha®'s eco-friendly PHA materials serve as an alternative to address the usage of conventional plastics and to facilitate carbon neutrality across various industries. 

Why Us

Unique Advantages

Excellent Biodegradability & Compostability

Superior Vapor and Oxygen Barrier Properties

Outstanding Heat Resistance Properties

Strong Hydrolysis Stability 

Made with Bio-based Feedstock

Produced via a Green Process


Production Site

Now that our first commercial production site is up and running, continued expansion plans are in place.

Our production site is located in Yancheng city, which houses production facilities of polymer downstream processes, with an annual PHA capacity of 25,000 tonnes.

We will keep expanding our production capacity by using renewable feedstock and green energy to meet global demands of sustainable materials.


Our cutting-edge biotech capability enables us to use a wide range of feedstock including starch, plant oil, sugarcane, etc., to meet different customer needs. 

You Name It, We Provide It

We can accommodate our customers' needs through customized orders, providing biopolymers made of feedstocks that are most suitable for our customers when they develop their businesses in different areas. We are able to support you regarding the consideration of meeting various local regulations.

An Alternative to Conventional Plastics

As our customers' forefront solution to conventional plastics, we aim to prioritise our customers' experience, helping them rapidly facilitate product research and development.  

To do so, we developed comprehensive extrusion processing guides for downstream customers, which as of now, includes blown film and sheet & film extrusion guides.


Moreover, we are also in the process of developing various processing guides that we believe will help our customers efficiently adopt our Bluepha® PHA resins to expand their business and increase competitive advantage.

The capability of delivering the right performance makes  

Bluepha® the preferred option in wide market applications.

Versatile Properties for Multi Industries


Note:BP350 and BP330 are typical grades of Bluepha®’”.

Bluepha® BP350 and BP330 are semi-crystalline mcl-PHA grades that deliver versatile properties, including hydrolysis stability, heat distortion temperature, and vapor or oxygen barrier.


Other than being versatile, our biomaterial products also deliver the most suitable properties that can best satisfy your needs. 

Excellent Biodegradability in Various Environments

As a natural biopolymer, Bluepha® PHA resins are biodegradable in various environments, including marine, freshwater, soil, and it is also degradable in home and industrial composting environments.


Our products carry these excellent properties while being stable under daily usage conditions.


Completion of Certifications and Registrations

All of our certifications in both aspects, including biodegradability and functionality, will be completed soon, and they will assist in accelerating the market adoption of your products.


We can assure you that Bluepha® PHA resins are of high quality and are all produced with innovative technology and most importantly, integrity. 

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The lifecycle of Bluepha® aligns with the circular economy principle, what comes from the nature, goes back to the nature. 


A Phabulous Blend with Nature, please


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