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We create life for the future.

One industry, one hundred products, for five billion people

With the power of Synthetic Biology​

From materials to food, from energy to medicine​

We strive to provide biotech products that can benefit a wide range of people

We create a sustainable and
vibrant future for mankind

Green Revolution for Cosmetic and Aesthetics

Production of cosmetics and medical raw materials with biosynthesis, to meet the urgent needs of beauty and health

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Microbiome Leverages a New Era of Health

Discover natural probiotics, develop potency-enhanced engineered probiotics, and power diverse functional foods and new healthcare solutions that advance human health and wellness.

Biodegradable material from Microbial Fermentation

Contributing to Global Carbon Reduction Targets

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In the digital age, do biotechnology all over again

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Synthetic biotechnology

We regard cells as life programs that can be analyzed and modified.​

By programming genetic codes that do not exist in nature, we create amazing new molecules and materials through bio-fabrication.


​Digital Platform

We combine Industry 4.0 concepts with biotechnology, extending the influence of synthetic biology from the laboratory to the production plant.



We create life for the future.

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